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Search for a doctor you've seen or find a new one in your network using the Find Care tool.

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We answer some frequently asked questions about where to go for help.

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Blue Wellness Rewards

Learn how you can earn rewards.

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Pharmacy resources

Learn about your pharmacy benefitsServices your plan covers. Also known as covered services. and convenient way to help you make the most of your pharmacy planHealth coverage issued to you directly (individual plan) or through an employer, union, or other group sponsors (employer group plan) that provides coverage for certain healthcare costs. benefits.

Pharmacy information

Virtual Health

For nonemergencies, state-licensed, board-certified physicians (including pediatricians) are available online – around the clock and around the world. When you can’t get to the doctor, expert healthcare is available from anywhere – 24/7/365.

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Coverage policy

Find out which procedures are covered by your policy using this search tool.

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Locate forms to add dependentsA person, like a spouse or child, who is on your health plan. or update your plan throughout the year.

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Pay bill

We offer several convenient and secure ways to pay your bill online, over the phone or in person.

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Choosing a PCP

A family doctor will help you stay healthy and get the care you need. This doctor, also called your primary care provider (PCP), should be the first person you see when you're not feeling well.

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Wellness visits

A wellness visit is a meeting between you and your doctor, also called your primary care provider (PCP), once a year, to talk about your health concerns, go over your health history and consider other services to help keep you well.

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