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Accessibility statement

At Octave, our unwavering dedication to accessibility motivates us to continually enhance the user experience on our websites. We are passionately committed to achieving the highest standards of accessibility, ensuring that all users can access our healthcare products and services. This commitment is central to our values, guiding us to align with and aim to exceed the standards set by the Web Accessibility Content Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2 Level AA compliance.

Our commitment

Our commitment to accessibility extends beyond routine testing using assistive technologies. We meticulously test our sites and applications across various web browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, and Edge, ensuring a consistent and optimal experience for users regardless of their browser preference. Additionally, we conduct thorough assessments across different operating systems, such as MacOS and Windows, to guarantee compatibility and accessibility across diverse user environments.

In our pursuit of inclusivity, we regularly test our platforms with leading assistive technologies, including NVDA, JAWS, and ZoomText. This multi-faceted approach ensures that users relying on screen readers, magnifiers, and other assistive tools can navigate our digital spaces seamlessly. Our accessibility considerations, encompassing both assistive technologies and cross-browser/platform assessments, are seamlessly integrated into every phase of the website development process, from design to development and content creation.

While we strive for consistent accessibility, it's important to note that our efforts are continuous. There may be periods when certain areas of our websites are less accessible than others. We appreciate your understanding as we work towards optimizing accessibility across all aspects of our online presence.

Steps we take to ensure web accessibility

  • Alternative text for images: We strive to provide appropriate alternative text for all images to ensure that users with visual impairments can comprehend our content.
  • Proper labeling of form elements: We aim to accurately label all form elements to enhance usability for individuals relying on assistive technology.
  • Mouse-free operability: Our site is purposefully designed and extensively tested to be fully operable without the need for a mouse to improve usability and navigation for all users, especially those with motor disabilities.
  • Resizable text and content: Text and content are intended to be resizable without any loss of information, aiming to accommodate users who need larger text or display settings.
  • Skip to content links: Our skip to content links allow users to bypass repetitive content and navigate directly to the main content area.
  • Contrast ratio compliance: We aim to ensure that all foreground/background color schemes meet the minimum contrast ratio state in WCAG 2.2, with the goal of enhancing readability for all our users.
  • Clear and concise text for links and buttons: All text for links and buttons is intended to be clear and concise, providing users with a straightforward understanding of their purpose.
  • Accessible video and audio content: We strive to ensure that all video and audio media content is accompanied by provided content, including captions, to enhance accessibility for users with hearing impairments or those who may prefer textual content.

Contact us

For any questions or concerns regarding our accessibility initiatives, please do not hesitate to contact us. We value your feedback and strive to create an inclusive online experience for all our users.